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What is Plus Token??

Like Bithumb Exchange, upbit exchange is a crypto trading exchange.

Like myeth wallet, i am token is a crypto preservation wallet
AI DOG is a system that makes a profit through trust
Plustoken is a convenient coin platform and payment system.

How does Plus Token make a profit and share the profit for the trustees?

There are 15,000 crypto trading Exchange in the world.
Plustoken makes a profit by buying crypto at cheap price and selling at higher price on the other exchange that is an arbitrage trading system among the exchanges and 100% of profits are returned to the trustees.
In the process of trading, the quantity of coins you have entrusted remains unchanged.

What is Arbitrage transaction?

Arbitrage transaction is a price difference transaction in which the price of a commodity varies with different markets by buying from a low-priced market and selling it to a high-priced market.
There are exchange rate differences and interest rate differences in the financial market, and exchange finance means trying to benefit from the imbalance of the foreign exchange market.
The foreign exchange market is also a type of price, so if the same currency is matched in each country, but if there is a difference in the exchange rate of the same currency due to any factor or time difference, exchange transactions that are bought at a low-priced market to sold at a high-priced market will appear.

Who created Plustoken and where is the Company?

Developed by Samsung Tech Center and Korean research institutes, developed by American and Japanese engineers, licensed in the United States and headquartered in Singapore.

Plus Token, launched on September 14th, 2018, is operating in more than 30 countries and its branch office is expected to be set up in Korea, possibly in Jeju Island.

IHow much is the membership fee? What is the least trust and the trust method?

Register for free.

You do not have to entrust by cash, you transfer coins that currently has seven types (btc, eth, btcoincash, ripple, dog, dash, litecoin) into your Plustoken wallet with unlimited quantities.

If the amount deposited by the shipper is greater than 500 (minimum USD 500), you will receive a certain amount of connection revenue when you introduce a friend.

Who do not have coin to do with Plustoken?

Because you can not invest in cash, you can buy high investment value coins of seven types of electronic money at home and abroad, send them to your Plus token wallet and press the trust button with Plus token so that every day you will be paid a profit.

If the amount is greater than US$ 500, you can receive connection revenue when you introduce a friend and the quantity of coins entrusted remains unchanged even more assets increase as coins increase.

How will profit be shared?

By the quantity of coins entrusted through arbitrage trading, every day you will be paid a profit.

Due to its nature, it is a perfect financial transaction system, so there is no loss in just one day and it is paid from 10% to 18% monthly and from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm (from 3:00 am to 5:00 pm Vietnamese time).

Which coin and when is the profit paid? when can you withdraw?

The profit is paid by PLUS, which is Plustoken’s internal coin, also displayed in U.S. dollars and may be withdrawn at any time.

You can exchange PLUS coins you paid with Etherium, transfer them to the trading floors, withdraw them, reinvest in Etherium, or expect PLUS coin prices to increase so that you can keep it. Withdrawal of principal and interest in Plustoken can be made at any time at the discretion of the trustee.

Is there a time limit for invest?

On the Plustoken wallet immediately after coin transfer or trust, the arbitrage transaction will be made to pay the daily profit and at the discretion of the trustee, the quantity of coins entrusted (principal) may be withdrawn at any time. However, you will be charged a fee of 5% and 1% if you withdraw the principal before 28 days and after 28 days since the trust, respectively.

There are no rules to limit the time frame and the principal withdrawal fee is very small compared to the daily commission paid and the biggest advantage of the plus code is that there is no time limit unlike conventional investment companies.

Can Plustoken be attacked by hackers or failed?

Plustoken was developed by Korean IT professionals who have built Blockchain technology and advanced security systems for years and is proud to have addressed the weaknesses and risks of conventional trading floors or wallets completely. Plustoken is not only enough to distribute profits to some people through arbitrage transaction and provides the safest wallets to 10 million members in 2018 and has the best structure in the industry to manage transactions and bring stable profits for arbitrage transactions. It is recognized by Jatta that it is a promising system that can keep up with trends, which will provide a breakthrough crypto profit structure other than scamming to shorten the financing of members in a short time. Hope that you entrust on the plustoken’s wallet and trading floor to get stable and secure profits through arbitrage transaction among the floor. Plustoken pays the trustee a profit of 10-18% per month and through the promotion program to generate more connection income.

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